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The MFM Unity Ensemble Live In Harlem

The MFM Unity Ensemble

MFM has been invited by Make Music NY 2019 to perform in their all-day event this Friday June 21. We view our involvement in the event as an extension of our overall mission, which is #UnityInTheMusicCommunity and #MakingMusicIsAProfession. Our group is composed primarily of MFM leadership (including MFM President Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi) and will perform together…

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MFM Annual Membership Meeting 2018 Report P.1

2018 MFM Annual Membership Meeting

Report and photos by Dawoud Kringle   Date: 12/5/2018Venue: WigSpan Arts (NY) MFM brought 2018 to a close with its annual board member vote, a recap of MFMs achievements during the past year, and a look ahead to 2019. The meeting began with MFM President Sohrab Saadat Ladjavardi giving an overview of MFM’s achievements in 2018: 1. Creating #UnityIntheMusicCommunity:…

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MFM Public Musicians Forum #5: Addressing Tough Questions

Review by Dawoud Kringle On Thursday, April 19th, MFM presented its fifth Musicians Forum. The meeting was a little late in starting. As we waited, the subject of strategies for the MFM agenda, the politics of the music business, and various pension plans were casually discussed. There was also discussion about union vs. nonunion contracts.…

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David Belmont Joined MFM's Board Of Directors Yesterday!

Let’s welcome David Belmont to our board of directors (BoD). He subs Paul Testagrossa who resigned yesterday due to his start up. Thanks Paul for the good work you have done. Good luck in your business! About David Belmont David Belmont (dobro, percussion) is a mixed media artist and community organizer living in New York City. An indie…

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