Like any other non-profit organization we need contributions and support from private people and organizations who believe in our movement. For many, many years we’ve been low paid or exploited by our employers. No way to save money for the future…No way to pay into the pension fund. Hustling for work every day. Our mentality was: better make some money than no money. But enough is enough! We can’t stand this misery anymore. MFM and her members are a new generation of musicians who want to make a change in their lives and demand social justice. Again without the help and support from the public nothing will change.


Your priceless contribution will express your belief that musicians can only survive as a professional guild as far as the public acknowledges that making music is a profession.

Your priceless contribution will mean a lot. It will help musicians to continue their good work for your community.

When you contribute your money to us, the money will be spent for the organisations’ infra structure, such as administration expenses (rent, staff salaries, stationary,etc.), pay the DooBeeDooBeeDoo NY editorial staff and contributors, maintaining the MFM website, producing workshops and the MFM Festival, for business trips and attending music related conventions and conferences, PR expenses, and other important things.