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MFM Membership Drive Winter 2019

Membership Drive Dear Board members, Supporters & ex-Free Members,

First of all, Happy New Year!

The new year is always a time of changes, looking back, and most importantly, looking ahead. Musicians for Musicians (MFM) is doing just that. As you doubtless read in our Membership Meeting Report (part 1 & part 2), MFM made an astonishing amount of progress last year – one of the most astonishing aspects of it is how we achieved so much with so little to work with. I invite you to read the report and judge for yourself.

We have come to the point where we are looking at a great many possibilities. The potential achievements are within reach. But we are also at the point where we cannot go any further without you.

Let me explain. Membership and organizing to act as a collective is the most important task of MFM policy. As music professionals, we are facing monumental changes in the way the music business operates, and how money – OUR money – is paid to us. Those who have held the reins for decades have come to realize that we must be paid fairly for our work. New laws (such as. the Music Modernization Act) hold immense potential to make this happen. But as with all things, we need leverage to accomplish this. Power respects power, and only numbers speak power.

For about a year and a half, MFM offered free membership as a Class 1 Member or Full Membership. This was a temporary situation: and for a time, it worked. It proved mutually advantageous to all involved. It allowed prospective members to have a look at the unprecedented model MFM works under, and to satisfy their curiosity. MFM benefited too: we had the opportunity to truly show what MFM is and how it operates. We earned the trust of the people who came to us with questions about our mission.

The Free Membership Program expired on 12/31/18. Its usefulness ran its course, and it became unsustainable. And to be brutally honest, MFM is facing financial difficulties (so much so that MFM President, Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi kept MFM afloat with personal loans – and has been working without pay since the organization began).

It’s the first time that we ran an official membership drive. Your membership and support really mean a lot to us and give us a real boost for the important work we do on behalf of you. MFM needs inspired members who have the courage to speak out for their peers and love to collaborate with others regardless what gender and music style they represent.

Please register here:

This campaign runs for one month: from January 17th to February 17th, 2019.

You have three membership options:

Class 1: Full Membership,

Class 2: Student or Low Income Membership;

Class 3: Six months Free Membership.

There is also the option of Supporting Membership – this was created for people (or non musicians) who don’t want to be a member but want to be part of MFM.

Chose the one which fits you best. If you have questions or problems, please call Sohrab at 347-963-1448.

Thanks again for your generous support!

In solidarity and music,

Dawoud Kringle (MFM Senior Member, and DooBeeDooBeeDoo NY Senior Contributor)

The membership drive is initiated by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi (President) and David Belmont (Vice President).

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