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During the two hours we will have speeches by Grammy Award Winner 2016 Arturo O’Farrillthe Freelancers Union Caitlin Pearce, and other important people – plus live music by MFM members.

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Watch a preview of the first MFM workshop announcing our partnership with GigSalad.

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MFM and the Freelancers Union support each other and our causes. With over 6,000 signatures, this petition is gaining momentum – but we need everyone’s unified support!

MFM Announcements


9/13/2016 – Musicians For Musicians has officially launched with a new website, and new registrants are offered free membership through the end of 2016. Please register, spread the word and become active!


7/6/2016 – We are delighted to announce that pianist, composer, educator, founder and Artistic Director of the nonprofit Afro Latin Jazz Alliance, and grammy award winner Arturo O’Farrill has joined MFM’s board as of July 5.