MFM is a non-profit that raises funds for its activities through member dues and contributions from musicians and supporters.

Pro Membership dues are $100/year.

MFM activities and benefits

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Podcasts: 20 were produced in 2020 on topics ranging from film scoring to music rights activism to making money on your music in the digital age
  • Business webinars: recent topics included PUA and Unemployment support during the pandemic lockdown
  • Music webinars: recent presentations on Brazilian music, world percussion
  • Lobbying efforts: MFM supported the passage of the Music Modernization Act, the earmarking of pandemic relief funds that helped preserve the American Federation of Musicians’ pension fund, the granting of rights to the Freelancers’ Union in New York City
  • Monitoring new laws: MFM will be stay on top of developments with the changing legal landscape as it concerns musicians, tracking the implementation and changes in the Music Modernization Act, the Case Act, the Fair Play Fair Pay Act, and the Classics Act, among others

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Declare your unity among your fellow musicians. Tell the world that music is your profession.

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