The MFM Board wishes all of our members a Better and a Brighter New Year in 2021!

Dear MFM Family,

Though most of us would agree 2020 wasn’t our favorite year, there have been harder times than this, and somewhere, someone’s having a harder time than we are right now. Music is an essential component of the human experience, and musicians are the “bringers” of that experience to mankind.

What we do has value on many, many levels, and just because music is invisible to the eye doesn’t make it any less important to the soul. Recent trends have singled out musicians with sad stories for special attention; those who died young, poor, or tragically are sometimes given preference to those who didn’t.

MFM believes that musicians have as much right to live as doctors, lawyers, bankers or politicians, and that musicians often give more lasting value to the world than any of those other professions do. At this difficult moment we must persevere in our conviction that music matters, and that if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, IT STILL DOES MAKE A SOUND!

In solidarity and music,
Sohrab and the MFM Board

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