CLASSICS ACTMFM is joining our friends Marc Ribot of ARC 802 and the Content Creators Coalition (c3’s) in fighting for the CLASSICS Act (which we discussed in previous MFM meetings) ensuring that all pre-1972 artists are compensated for their work.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, acting in Silicon Valley corporate interests, has introduced the anti-artist “Access” bill to derail this and other pro-artist legislation.

MFM reaches out to you to join Marc Ribot and C3 on their social media campaign to let Wyden know that we’re not having it.

Please go to: Click the box that says Tweet. Text is preloaded:
“Hey @RonWyden why are you siding w/ big tech over musicians? Stop attacking artists’ retirement security #SupportCLASSICS.”

By supporting this campaign MFM wants to demonstrate #UnityInTheCommunity.

In case you have questions please contact:

In solidarity and music,
Sohrab (MFM President)