MFM's New Friend And $ Contributor: Mario Guarneri (Jazz In The Neighborhood, SF)

Mario, thanks for your contribution! Respect!

MFM got a new friend and future ally: musician and activist Mario Guarneri (founder and artistic director of Jazz in the Neighborhood in San Francisco). Thanks Ellen Seeling (JazzWomen and Girls Advocates) for bringing us together!

Yesterday I had a long friendly telephone conversation with Mario. During the conversation we covered all the issues which concerned us most and needed to be tackled. Our conversation confirmed again that MFM ain’t alone in her mission to fight musicians rights. Every city in this country has been treating musicians – regardless what music style they have been involved in – for a long time and still treat them in an unfair manner.

Unfortunately, the professional musicians union (AFM and her local branches) hasn’t been much of help for 90% of the musician community. Our conversation proved again musicians, musician organizations and music activist in the whole country MUST organize and work out a concept with a standard guideline. The union will be integrated in our work.

We musicians have only friends around us. Our only enemy is us.

Mario and I will work out an alliance in the next months.

Our friendship/alliance has already started with a $100 contribution by Mario last night. Thanks, brother!